Middle School Studies

Middle School Curriculum

These studies are designed to help middle school students engage with Scripture and develop the practices of prayer and Bible reading. The studies vary in length from 4 to 7 weeks. Each study consists of a leader's guide and a student book.

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We have begun writing Worship, Word & Way for middle school students. All materials are free. Below is a sample. If you would be interested in seeing these new materials, please contact us at hello@resourcewell.org.

K&K L1 Ages 11-14_Leaders Guide Summary
K&K L1 Ages 11-14_Journal Entry
K&K L1 Ages 11-14_Take Home Card
K&K L1 Ages 11-14_Family Discussion Card

Fatal Attraction

Can you name the seven deadly sins? They are all behaviors that are attractive to us, but in reality will destroy us. That’s how sin is. So the better we are able to recognize these poisonous patterns, the better we will be able to resist the temptation from our enemy to come closer. This 7-week study will help you do just that.

Fatal Attraction–Leader’s Guide
Fatal Attraction–Student Book

Hello, My Name Is

During adolescence and teen years, youth experience growth, change, and confusion as they make the transition from childhood to adulthood. Much of this process is a discovery of who they are and who they want to be. The goal of this 6-week study is to help students discover an accurate perception of themselves and their worth.

Hello, My Name Is–Leader’s Guide
Hello, My Name Is–Student Book

Jesus, The Perfect Rule-Breaker

Rules. Love ’em or hate ’em, it’s pretty obvious that we can’t live without them. God’s Law protects us from ourselves and our sinful nature. But there are other kinds of rules that have nothing to do with God’s Law. They are the rules that Jesus, who never sinned, loved to break! But how can we know the difference? (6-week study.)

Jesus, The Perfect Rule-Breaker–Leader’s Guide
Jesus, The Perfect Rule-Breaker–Student Book

Keeping It Real In Relationships

We were created for relationship, even wired for it. But often we struggle with the very thing we need. This 6-week series covers all of our most important relationships, with God, our family and friends.

Keeping It Real In Relationships–Leader’s Guide
Keeping It Real In Relationships–Student Book

Living Among Lions

The story of the lions’ den is really a picture of Daniel’s life. He walked among lions every day—vicious people who wanted to get rid of him. But when you look at it that way, so do we! In this 6-week study we will talk about six things that will help us fight the lions: faith, values, habits, friends, wisdom, and courage.

Living Among Lions–Leader’s Guide
Living Among Lions–Student Book

Once Upon A Parable

Do you like stories? If so, you will enjoy this 4-week series about the Storyteller and the way He taught us about His kingdom. A parable is a short story that uses situations and objects from everyday life to make a single point. Each one carries deep spiritual meaning and application that is easy to miss without the context.

Once Upon A Parable–Leader’s Guide
Once Upon A Parable–Student Book