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NEW AND BETTER! Craft samples and templates

by Bethany Durys  |  February 10, 2019

As a result of feedback from your surveys (thank you!!), we are working on updating our craft samples and templates. Starting with Ages 2-5 God of Wonders, you should see them over the coming months. Check out Unit 4 Lesson 17. We hope these will help you and your ministry!


Nikki said
(on November 26, 2017)

I love using your lessons in our Nursery Sunday School. The challenge I have is finding templates for some of the crafts. A few times the teacher’s guide has said a template can be found in the Resources but I can’t find them.  They aren’t in the resources listed with the lesson and when I do a search for them, I still can’t find them.

Are they no longer available or am I looking in the wrong place?  Thanks!

God Bless,

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