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We Celebrate the King Who Rose

by Bethany Durys  |  April 3, 2023
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As we prepare for Easter, let’s celebrate the King Who Rose and invite children to accept Jesus as the King who rose from the dead and is Lord of all!

We Worship the God Who Comes Near

by Bethany Durys  |  November 11, 2022
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As enter the season of Advent, we remember God comes near to us and desires for us to come near to Him. Lord, provide us with the quiet moments we need to prepare our hearts to worship You this Christmas. Amen.

Praise the Lord who never changes

by Bethany Durys  |  September 9, 2022
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In a world that is always changing, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse, it is reassuring to know God never changes. His plans do not change. His promises do not change. Praise Him!

Thank You, Lord, for providing for us!

by Bethany Durys  |  July 1, 2022
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Lord I thank you for who you are as my Father, Lord, and Provider. You are faithful to who you are and to all you say. 

We worship God our Creator!

by Bethany Durys  |  June 8, 2022
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Lord, You are the everlasting God, the Creator of all the earth. You are good to everyone and shower compassion on all of Your creation. Mighty King, Amen.

Praise the One who heals us!

by Bethany Durys  |  April 6, 2022
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“We are grateful, Lord, for Your authority, power, and compassion to heal. We are in awe of the eternal impact these healing miracles have on others. Help each of us to believe in and respond to Your healing. Amen.

We Celebrate the Promised One!

by Bethany Durys  |  December 3, 2021
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“Thank You, Lord, for keeping Your promise to send us Your Son Jesus, the Prince of Peace. Prepare our hearts to celebrate the fulfillment of Your promise. Amen.”

Praise the God Who Is Faithful!

by Bethany Durys  |  October 1, 2021
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“Thank You, Lord, for Your faithfulness in helping us turn back to You when we stray and thank You for sending Your Son to rescue us. Amen.”

We Worship the God of Power!

by Bethany Durys  |  September 1, 2021
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“Thank You, Lord, for faithfully pursuing us. Fill the children with Your Holy Spirit so they might recognize Your voice and turn their hearts toward You. Amen.”

Praise the Spirit Who Shows Us

by Bethany Durys  |  August 1, 2021
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“Thank You, Lord, for protecting us from the schemes of Satan. Help the children stand their ground and understand how to use the armor of God so they can be strong in You. Amen.”

Worship The Spirit Who Connects Us

by Bethany Durys  |  May 14, 2021
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“Thank You, Lord, for the opportunities You give us to spread the gospel and to pray for those who hear it to believe. Help us inspire the students to pray for others to grow close to You. Amen.”

Praise Jesus as the God of Wonders

by Bethany Durys  |  March 10, 2021
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“Thank You, Lord, for Your miracles. Fill us with Your Spirit, so we may put our faith in You. Amen.”

The Spirit Who Gives Us Power

by Bethany Durys  |  February 1, 2021
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“Thank You, Lord, for pouring out Your Spirit on all believers. Fill us with Your Spirit so we may share the good news about Jesus with people all over the world. Amen.”

Merry Christmas!

by Bethany Durys  |  December 27, 2020
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At Christmas, we celebrate that God came near to us as a baby. He was born, so He could grow up to save us from life forever without Him. Because of Jesus’ sacrifice, we have hope in and through Him.
The ResourceWell Team

Worship for Everyone

by Bethany Durys  |  August 2, 2020
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What does worship look like in your children’s ministry? Have you thought about what it looks like to someone who is new or to someone who has a disability? All Belong ( offers some great resources for creating a worship experience that includes everyone. Check it out!

Can We Pray for You?

by Bethany Durys  |  April 8, 2020
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If you are reading this post, chances are you are somewhere serving children and families and teaching them about who God is and what He has done. Thank you! We would like to be praying for you and your ministry. If you haven’t connected with us, please let us know...
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Big News from the Resource Well Team

by admin  |  March 10, 2020
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Hello all!

We’re developing curriculum for ages 12-14. You may have noticed a “Youth” tab when you were on our home page. Along with some of the short-term studies we’ve had for years, there will now be a 3-year Bible curriculum to match our curriculum for ages 2-111. Check it...
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Did You Know?

by Bethany Durys  |  October 8, 2019
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Did you know that there are churches around the world using Worship, Word & the Way? Did you know that parts of it are available in Spanish and Arabic? Did you know that we have drama sketches for both ages 2-5 and 6-12 on Vimeo and mp3s of 58 Bible...
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Reaching Kids for Jesus

by Bethany Durys  |  September 26, 2019
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The Bibles are worn. Yellow highlights and pencil underlines mark the pages and dirty smudges tell the story of little hands that have held and used and searched to find chapter and verse, week after week. “Our goal is for kids to know that the Bible is for them, not...
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Trauma Healing for Children

by Bethany Durys  |  August 15, 2019
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The American Bible Society has written curriculum for helping children (and adults) through trauma - whether they are victims of, or witness, acts of violence or abuse. The curriculum includes stories, activities, games, memory verses, and clear, comprehensive, and practical guidelines on how to run an effective trauma healing program...
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Come alongside parents as they disciple their children

by Bethany Durys  |  July 3, 2019
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We’ve added Young Disciples 1 & 2 to ResourceWell. Young Disciples is designed to guide students (age 9 and up) with their parents in navigating the foundational teachings of Jesus and the apostles. Young Disciples Step 1 teaches children and parents what it means to become a disciple and ends...
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Worship, Word & Way for Middle School!

by Bethany Durys  |  June 10, 2019
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We have begun writing Worship, Word & Way for middle school students. Check out the sample lesson at If you are interested in seeing more, please email us using the contact page on this website. We’d love to hear from you!

Training for Worship, Word & Way

by Bethany Durys  |  May 10, 2019
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Wondering how to train your volunteers in using The Worship, The Word & The Way? We have the answer! Check out these new videos on Vimeo or YouTube! The videos are also available in Arabic and SOON! in Spanish. Check it out at

Join us on Facebook!

by Bethany Durys  |  March 10, 2019
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Did you know Worship, Word & Way has a Facebook page? Join over 150 WWW fans to connect and get updates on new WWW features. Hope to see you there!

Facebook: worshipwordway

NEW AND BETTER! Craft samples and templates

by Bethany Durys  |  February 10, 2019
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As a result of feedback from your surveys (thank you!!), we are working on updating our craft samples and templates. Starting with Ages 2-5 God of Wonders, you should see them over the coming months. Check out Unit 4 Lesson 17. We hope these will help you and your ministry!

Delbert & Lello come to life!

by Bethany Durys  |  May 25, 2017
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Delbert & Lello have arrived on video! Year 2: Kings & Kingdoms is available on YouTube (viewing) and Vimeo (viewing and downloading). Years 1 & 3 will be available this summer. SO cute!!

We need you!

by Bethany Durys  |  April 14, 2016
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We are looking for the most effective ways we can serve children’s ministry advocates, leaders, and teachers. Your participation in a 10-minute survey will help us prioritize improvements and new features on Please cut and paste this link to start the survey.

Bible Memory Verse Songs now downloadable on SoundCloud!

by Bethany Durys  |  February 11, 2016
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You know those catchy Bible Memory Verse Songs that your kids come home singing from children’s church? Now, you can download them for free from SoundCloud! Check out the playlist for early childhood and for grade school.
“It’s Praise Time ... I know I can go to ......
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Call for Translations!

by admin  |  September 30, 2015
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Are you translating the curriculum into your native language for your children’s program, or are you interested in volunteering your services as a translator? We want to hear from you!

In order to spread God’s word to children all over the world, we are working to translate the curriculum into...
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by admin  |  November 19, 2014
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It is so encouraging to meet with other ministries who share our passion for teaching God’s Word!  In February 2014, The Worship, The Word and The Way curriculum author Eleanor Tracey met with Gary Strudler with KIDStory (a division of Kids Around the World) to learn more about his ministry....
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Seeing Your Home as a Ministry Asset

by admin  |  March 8, 2012
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I generally don’t get too nostalgic for the “good old days”. However, there is an aspect of past life in America that I miss. People used to know their neighbors and actually spend time in each others homes. Hospitality was a common practice. Today many people view their home, not...
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Reaching God’s Children

by admin  |  February 2, 2012
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The Bibles are worn. Yellow highlights and pencil underlines mark the pages and dirty smudges tell the story of little hands that have held and used and searched to find chapter and verse, week after week.

“We want kids to know that the Bible is for them, not just...
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Can Church Really Be Simple?

by admin  |  January 25, 2012
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In the first few centuries of Christianity, the church was generally much more simple than most people experience today. Part of the reason for that simplicity was that everyone believed they were in some way called by Jesus to serve in ministry. That does not mean they all were paid...
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