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Merry Christmas!

by Bethany Durys  |  December 17, 2020
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At Christmas, we celebrate that God came near to us as a baby. He was born, so He could grow up to save us from life forever without Him. Because of Jesus’ sacrifice, we have hope in and through Him. The ResourceWell Team

Did You Know?

by Bethany Durys  |  October 8, 2019
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Did you know that there are churches around the world using Worship, Word & the Way? Did you know that parts of it are available in Spanish and Arabic? Did you know that we have drama sketches for both ages 2-5 and 6-12 on Vimeo and mp3s of 58 Bible Memory Verse Songs? Did you know we have coloring pages and visuals for all ages and lessons?

Some of these have been years in the making and are the result of...

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Trauma Healing for Children

by Bethany Durys  |  August 15, 2019

The American Bible Society has written curriculum for helping children (and adults) through trauma - whether they are victims of, or witness, acts of violence or abuse. The curriculum includes stories, activities, games, memory verses, and clear, comprehensive, and practical guidelines on how to run an effective trauma healing program for children—whether as a week-long camp or in weekly classes. You can check it...

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Reaching God’s Children

by Melinda Rutland  |  February 2, 2012

The Bibles are worn. Yellow highlights and pencil underlines mark the pages and dirty smudges tell the story of little hands that have held and used and searched to find chapter and verse, week after week.

“We want kids to know that the Bible is for them, not just grown-ups,” says Eleanor Tracey, Director of Children’s Curriculum Development at Northland Church in Longwood, Florida. “We want young hearts...

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Can Church Really Be Simple?

by Daniel Lacich  |  January 26, 2012

In the first few centuries of Christianity, the church was generally much more simple than most people experience today. Part of the reason for that simplicity was that everyone believed they were in some way called by Jesus to serve in ministry. That does not mean they all were paid employees of a church staff. It means they saw themselves as vital members of the Body of Christ, the Church, and as such they served...

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